Robert Frost Robert Frost is often praised for the colloquialism of his poetry. His work is accessible, exploring complex ideas through scenes and images of rural life. Though he came to typify the region, Frost was not born in New England. His first years were spent in San Francisco, and his adolescence in Lawrence, Mass. In fact, frost didn’t discover rural life until his short-lived attendance at Dartmouth College. But New Hampshire stuck. Though he would become Vermont’s poet laureate and the nation’s Pulitzer Prize winner, a teacher at Middlebury College and a snowbird in Florida, the Granite State served as the backdrop for much of his early work. For 11 years, Frost and his family lived at a small farm in Derry. It was there that he found his poetic voice and discovered that he wasn’t much of a poultry farmer. May through October, you can tour the white clapboard house where Frost wrote many of the poems in A Boy’s Will and North of Boston . You can attend readings, lectures, and a poetry conference in the summer, and year-round the grounds are open to exploration — walking alongside Hyla Brook, and wandering the orchard and meeting […]