Who moved my Cheese” Spencer John­son, M.D., G.P. Putnam’s Sons Updat­ed edi­tion Some 17 years ago, I wrote a review of then a new­ly mint­ed book titled “Who Moved My Cheese?” My book review was pub­lished by the Inquir­er, on July 23, 2000 to be exact. The author, Dr. Spencer John­son, passed away recent­ly, and this revis­it­ing of his mas­ter­piece should serve as a trib­ute to him, who cre­at­ed this sim­ple, heart­warm­ing mod­ern-day para­ble for us 21st cen­tu­ry crea­tures. I wrote then — and I haven’t changed my mind — that the book, “Who Moved My Cheese?” is a charm­ing mod­ern day fable that por­trays the silli­ness and foibles of lit­tle men — apt­ly called “Hem” and “Haw” — and shows us how we can learn a les­son or two from a tan­dem of mice named “Sniff” and “Scur­ry” — who, for their own good — are saved by their acts of “sniff­ing” and “scur­ry­ing.” The gist of the sto­ry says that, one day, the two lit­tle men and the two mice wake up to dis­cov­er that their giant cheese — that has been their food and rea­son for exis­tence — is no longer there. To the lit­tle men — Hem and Haw — the cheese sud­den­ly dis­ap­pears. To the two mice, the cheese is no longer around because, […]