You Should Come With Me Now by M John Harrison review – stories ​for the uncommon reader​

One of these brilliantly stories, “The Walls”, begins: “A man, let’s call him D, is seen digging his out through the wall of his . To in this project, D has only the thinnest least reliable tools: two dessert spoons (one stainless steel, one electro-plated nickel silver); half of a pair of curved nail scissors; some domestic knives lacking handles; so on. The cell wall, constructed from grey, squarish cinder blocks about a foot on a side has been carelessly mortared laid without much attention to detail. But this lack of artifice makes no difference; none of the knives is long enough to reach the last half inch of mortar at the back of each block, the more D uses them the shorter they get. Each block must, eventually, be loosened removed by hand, a task which can take several months, which leaves him exhausted.” A close attention to detail characterises this story contributes much to its effectiveness, yet, like the careless mortaring of the cinder blocks, it makes no difference in the end. Why how does D two dessert spoons? What does he live on […]

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